Time is money: How to calculate your savings potential through concrete monitoring.

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Time and cost efficiency are increasingly becoming key competitive advantages in construction. Concrete monitoring enables you a huge savings potential. It can make an important contribution to shortening construction time and reducing costs. This is because the long waiting times until the required compressive strength of the concrete is certified by the laboratory can be significantly reduced by directly measuring the temperature in the concrete and automatically calculating the degree of maturity. And this is achieved while maintaining, if not improving, the quality. 

Check our your savings potential!

To make the savings transparent to you, we have developed our online benefits calculator. With it, you can use real project data to determine free of charge and in no time at all how much time and money you can save by using ConcR sensors. The information is provided anonymously and is not stored. 

For the calculation, we distinguish between building construction and engineering construction projects. In the following, we explain how the calculator works, what information is required for use and what benefits you can expect.

1. Building Projects

In this area, we assume classic building construction projects such as residential or commercial buildings or factory and administration buildings. 

Four specifications are required to determine the savings potential:

  • What is the total construction area in m2?
  • What is the expected construction time for all concrete elements in days? 
  • How many buildings are in the project?
  • How many floors are there per one building?

Based on the information, we determine an expected cycle in which the concrete works will take place. 

Following the input, the calculator determines for you the possible savings in terms of construction time and costs. In doing so, we not only provide you with the concrete percentages and sums, but also explain the data and give concrete indications as to where there is potential for savings. 

2. Engineering projects

In the field of engineering projects, we are talking about traffic structures such as bridges, tunnels or piers. In addition, volumetric modules, 3D-printed components also fall into this category. In this context, we ask for the following information:

  • What is the concrete volume in m3?
  • What is the estimated construction duration in days? 

Afterwards, the calculator runs an analysis about the potential time and cost saving. Furthermore, it gives an insight about the quality and the potential risk you could mitigate if something goes off in the concrete.

How it works?

The calculator sets realistic assumptions about all necessary building unit rates, and accordingly estimates the potential time and cost saving. In addition, it gives an overview about the possible risks you can mitigate, in a quantifiable manner, by using our product. Risks such as; thermal and shrinkage cracks, and concrete spalling, which are primary outcomes of temperature sudden development or drop in concrete. It’s worth mentioning here that our product measures not only the compressive strength of concrete, but also the temperature development throughout the concrete lifecycle. 

In addition, you will receive a recommendation as to which ConcR package is best for you. It is based on the data you provide. We will also be happy to provide you with an individual offer tailored to your specific project requirements. 

Can I use the calculator if I am not your client?

YES! You can use the calculator in any case ,without obligation and free of charge. Your information is anonymous and will not be stored. Go ahead and try it for yourself in order to discover your individual savings potential!

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