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ConcR Basic Pack

The ConcR Basic Pack is designed to monitor one casting over a period of 1 – 12 months. If you are interested in longer monitoring, please contact us via the button below.

Our Basic Pack includes everything you need to monitor your concrete. Save time on real-time data tracking of your casting. Set up notifactions to let your project managers know that the concrete has reach critical maturity.

Package includes: 

  • 2 ConcR devices 
  • 120 temperature sensors
  • 12 month of free software access

You will be assigned a designated (human!) customer manager to help you with the set up the devices and evaluate your data.

Read below for more technical details

ConcR offers embedded and reusable measuring devices for reliable real-time monitoring of concrete temperature and strength.

A set consists of a wireless transmitter and a high-precision DS18B20 digital temperature sensor. A sensor is attached to the foundation, formwork or reinforcement and the cable is attached to the desired measurement point. There, it continuously measures the hydration temperature as well as the ambient temperature (2nd sensor on the device body) and thus provides information about the concrete strength.

The temperature sensor is connected to the reusable transmitter via an IP67 connector. Depending on local availability, the data is transmitted to the ConcR portal in the cloud via mobile communications using NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) or LTE for Machine Type Communication (LTE-CatM). There, they can be accessed from any internet-enabled device and provide information on the progress of concrete curing. You don’t even have to be on site for this.

You can check the availability of NB-IoT and LTE-CatM here.

Once monitoring is complete, you remove the temperature sensor and use the transmitter for the next pour – no matter what job site.

Designed specifically for the demands of concrete production, the ConcR R-Series stands up to even the most demanding requirements. Measurement accuracy is ±0.5°C at -10°C to +85°C. The HFSS Engineering Simulation Software from Ansys is used.

Save the tedious gathering of all information with the help of additional devices and their evaluation. The use of the ConcR R-Series allows you to make accurate predictions of when the required concrete strength will be reached and makes you independent of laboratory values. The reduced waiting times allow you to shorten the concrete maturing process and thus the project duration by up to 30 percent (calculate your estimation here).

ConcR Dashboard

All data at a glance 

On your dashboard you will find all concrete-relevant information displayed in real time: cocrete tempterature, maturity status, sensor status, and compressive strength. 

Set up automatic notifcations to notify your project managers about reaching critical temperature, previously defined target values are reached, or unplanned deviations occur.

The ConcR portal cloud-based. This means you can access it from any internet-enabled device, whether from a computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet. You always have access to the latest data – whenever and wherever you need it. 

It’s that easy to make dumb concrete smart!

Cable length

1m, 3m

You can check the availability of NB-IoT and LTE-CatM here .

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