ConcR wins German Startup-Pokal Industry 4.0

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It’s sparkling in ConcR’s office: sometimes it’s allowed to be something other than concrete. Since 22 June, the German Startup-Pokal has decorated the rooms in Berlin’s Bachstraße. In a gripping final, Burak Acilan and his team from ConcR beat off their competitors to win the coveted award in the “Industry 4.0” category.

The pressure in prestressed concrete is nothing compared to the demanding path to winning the trophy. The selection process had already been running since September 2021, during which ConcR confidently manoeuvred its way through the quarter and semi-finals. In the final, however, Burak had to convince not only the jury but also the audience.

In the first jury vote, ConcR and Energy Robotics beat i-flow and and made it through to the next round. Energy Robotics had a narrow lead with 35 to 34 points.

In the following start-up battle, ConcR and Energy Robotics had to answer the following two questions:

  • What is new and innovative about your technology?
  • what is your vision and where do you want to be in ten years?

The audience was then involved in the judging. The result: ConcR won 78 percent of the votes and thus took the contested trophy.

Startup-Pokal: "We need concrete"

Burak Acilan is proud of this award: “We had very strong competitors with grandiose innovations. I am all the more pleased that we were able to prevail in this highly qualified environment.” The civil engineer finds competitions like these inspiring and important for making ConcR accessible to a wider public. “Concrete is a building material that we can no longer imagine life without. We need it because we need spaces to live, live and work in. With ConcR, we are helping to use concrete more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way.”

ConcR significantly supports digitalisation in the construction industry. Typically, the maturing process of concrete is determined using test specimens that undergo compressive strength testing at predetermined times. The ConcR sensors, on the other hand, measure the temperature development directly in the concrete and transmit the data wirelessly to the cloud. There, the strength development is automatically calculated under real conditions. This innovative way of monitoring concrete reduces waiting time and results in construction time being cut by up to 30 percent. Users also benefit from more efficient personnel planning and lower material usage.

About the Award

The German Startup-Pokal is awarded by the non-profit Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Forschungstransfers e.V. (GFFT) in various categories. The prize is awarded to forward-looking business ideas that are put into practice and realised by company founders and thus represent an important lever for promoting innovative strength in Germany.

The expert jury of the German Startup Cup "Industry 4.0" 21/22:

Martina Koederitz, Honorary Member of GFFT e.V.

Marika Lulay, CEO & Managing Director of GFT Technologies SE

Alexander Schliessmann, authorised signatory of FORCAM GmbH

Prof. Dr. Justus Arne Schwarz, Chair of Business Administration at the University of Regensburg

Stefan Walter, Senior Vice President Digital Platforms at msg systems ag

The German Startup Cup Industrie 4.0 is already the second award for ConcR; back in 2021, Burak’s team beat out five other finalists in the Startup Challenge at BIM-TAGE Deutschland to win the Golden BIM Lion.

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