Application in the production of pre-fabricated concrete parts

Increase your cost and resource efficiency through concrete monitoring

Lower costs, better utilisation, increased efficiency - with intelligent digital solutions from ConcR, you can achieve concrete improvements

Lower operating costs

Avoid unnecessary waiting times for curing and reduce waste through improved quality control

Improve efficiency

Keep track of your production with our dashboard and optimise the utilisation of your moulds

Order our sensors and test them!

Here's how ConcR works in precast concrete production:

ConcR’s concrete monitoring sensors collect all data on concrete maturity, compressive strength and utilisation. 

Using IoT technology (Internet of Things), the data is automatically transferred to a secure cloud visualisation. 

With ConcR, you can keep a constant eye on the maturing process of your concrete and thus make your decisions independently of the laboratory results. 

Your time savings through the use of ConcR sensors is up to 30 percent. Accordingly, you can plan your production and storage capacities better.


Reusable sensors are best suited for precast concrete part production. 

They are delivered to you ready for use. Simply attach them to the reinforcement, connect them, done. The measuring points provide data directly from the concrete – completely wireless at any time and anywhere!

With ConcR, you increase your Productivity Safety Sustainability - and ultimately your turnover!

The right model for every use

Which ConcR concrete sensor is suitable for my purposes?

✓ You need to observe and comply with the guidelines of DAfStB Guideline Heat Treatment of Concrete (11/2012)?

✓ You need to know if your formwork deployment and storage is optimized?

✓ You want to integrate and automate the manual quality documentation with your preferred ERP System?

Then the ConcR Reusable is the right choice for your needs.

Easy installation
  • attached in no time, reusable
  • Secure wireless connection
  • attractive leasing offers available
Increased efficiency
  • Better capacity and delivery planning
  • Increased production utilisation
  • Reduced warehousing, less cost commitment
Automated quality monitoring and reporting
  • Transparent overview of concrete maturity and quality 
  • Reliable forecast of strength data
  • Data collection and analysis for upcoming projects
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