Save time and money with concrete monitoring

As a contractor on the construction site, the factors of time, cost and safety are decisive. Through intelligent digital solutions from ConcR, you can achieve concrete improvements

Shorten construction time

Reduce project duration by up to 30 percent through reduced wait times and earlier removal of formwork.


Reduce your costs by up to 20 percent through targeted use without expensive rentals and personnel costs.

Complete transparency

Monitor the maturing process of your concrete in real time, around the clock, regardless of location and from any internet-enabled device.


Check the temperature development and then retension when you see that the time and quality are ripe.

Increase orders and turnover

Increase your competitiveness by using advanced technologies and secure a top position in the market.

Order our sensors and test them!

This is how ConcR works in construction:

ConcR’s concrete monitoring sensors collect all data on concrete maturity, compressive strength and utilisation. 


Using IoT technology (Internet of Things), the data is automatically transferred to a secure cloud visualisation. 


With ConcR you keep a constant eye on the maturing process of your concrete and can carry out time-critical procedures such as stripping or traffic releases when the target values are reached and not only when the laboratory reports. 


Your time savings through the use of ConcR sensors is up to 30 percent. Accordingly, you need to stock less material and save costs as well.


You have the choice between permanent sensors, which are permanently installed, or reusable sensors. 

Both versions come to you ready for use. Simply attach them to the reinforcement, connect them, and you’re done. The measuring points provide data directly from the concrete – completely wireless at any time and anywhere!

With ConcR you gain more speed safety sustainability - and ultimately more tenders!

The right model for every use

Which ConcR concrete sensor is suitable for my purposes?

✓ You only need to know when fresh concrete is ready to strip off from the formwork?

✓ You only need to know when you need to apply post-tensioning?

✓ You only need to know how long the post-treatment applications shall be undertaken?

Then the ConcR Reusable is the right choice for your needs.

Learn more about our reusable concrete monitoring sensors that can reduce your project time by up to 30 percent.

✓ You want to monitor the cast-in place concrete during both construction and warranty periods?

✓ You don’t want to send an expensive technician to make some measurements after every casting?

✓ You want to have the smartest concrete?


Then the ConcR E-Series is the right solution for you! 

Learn more about the comprehensive concrete monitoring with long-term function

Increase efficiency
  • Shortening of construction time through earlier stripping of formwork
  • Data collection and analysis for upcoming projects
  • Seamless integration with Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Simplified project management
  • Faster decision making
  • Better capacity and staff planning
  • Digital management via secure cloud connection
Automated quality monitoring and reporting
  • Transparent overview of concrete quality and construction progress
  • Forecast of strength data
  • Quality management even beyond the construction phase
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