Aarsleff Rail: Interview with Tomasz Lopuch

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Tomasz Lopuch: “ConcR is a true plug-and-play system for concrete monitoring”

Who better to judge our innovative concrete monitoring tools than the people who work with it? Tomasz Lopuch is Site Manager at Aarsleff Rail and has been using ConcR’s IoT sensors since early 2022. After employing our product on multiple construction sites it is time for a resume. In our Interview, Tomasz is sharing his experience using ConcR on the construction sites and talks about how it brought value to his projects.

Tomasz, we really appreciate that you are taking the time to report on your impressions of working with ConcR. Let’s jump right in: What would you describe the main values added by our sensors for your projects?

Tomasz Lopuch (TL): First of all, measuring the temperature development in concrete itself is definitely of great value.  Automating the documentation enhanced the concrete monitoring process and saved a lot of time. Furthermore, the system is really simple and foreman-friendly, and the devices are durable. They even withstand extreme weather conditions.

How do you get along with the interface of our dashboard?

TL: It’s pretty easy and very telling to extract data from the dashboard! I really like the graphical representation of the data and the agile reporting tools included. Furthermore, setting alerts when the concrete achieves certain compressive strength or specific temperature is incredibly useful.

 Did you find it easy to implement and operate our devices?

 TL: You did not promise too much: Your solution is “a true plug-and-play” system! The way the devices are built, and the software designed is quite simple, easy to install and operate. The 3 pages pdf installation guide was more than enough to deploy and activate.

What would you say sets us apart?

TL: First of all, I really admire the simulation of the concrete compressive strength in almost no time to the temperature development using the maturity method. Second point is the simplicity of the system, the fact that you can access the data from any device with a browser. Another aspect are the agile reporting tools in which you can set alerts and make informative data-based decisions. And: The ability to measure the ambient temperature compared to temperature at the core of concrete is remarkably of value.

Thank you very much, Tomasz, for sharing your thoughts about ConcR. We look forward to many more joint projects!


All the best for you – or let’s say it the Danish way: held og lykke!

About Aarsleff Rail:

Aarsleff Rail is part of the leading Danish contracting company Per Aarsleff A/S. The group specialises in the planning and implementation of large, complex projects within infrastructure, climate adaptation, environment, energy and construction. Within the Group, Aarsleff Rail takes care of infrastructure projects on and around the railways.

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